ST. ANDREI



The ancient Russian-Byzantine tradition of iconography reached its highest point during the XV century. Today St. Andrei Icon Studio is inspired to produce icons reflecting the same state of inner contemplative depth, evident in the greatest examples of that tradition, through refinement of artistic nuance and attention to the iconographic canon and principles. As is fitting to the icon’s sacred function, only natural materials are used: wood panels gessoed with natural ground, genuine gold leaf applied by the bole method, egg tempera using ground pigments, and linseed oil finish. Although striving for a high artistic level, the focus of the icon-writer is nevertheless on personal spiritual discipline and growth.


We offer intensive week-long workshops nationwide upon request for 5 to 8 students as well as regular workshops  at the St. Andrei Icon Studio in Scranton, PA. Our small groups allow  us to provide substantial individual attention and to make sure that a student will complete an icon with good quality during the intensive workshops. This accelerates the learning process compared to classes with larger groups. We are also experienced in helping students with unfinished icons from other workshops. Two lodging rooms are available at the studio at a small charge.
Students are introduced to the practical and the theoretical aspects of the iconographic tradition. Explanations of iconographic symbolism of the steps of the process are presented parallel to the technical instruction, although emphasis is on practical task of completing the project. No artistic experience is required from the beginning student.  The main goals of the courses are to cultivate a clear comprehension of the Image of God according to which man was created, and to understand the various aspects of spiritual growth, drawing on Scripture, Tradition, and modern science. The student is reintroduced to the mystical teaching of the Church through the language of light, color, line, image and symbol. By writing an icon according to the spiritual canons, the student works towards connecting the holy image on the board with the divine image within.  


​​​Theory and practice of traditional symbolic iconography
  with corresponding church music and poetry,
     presented as a synergy of sacred arts

Small group iconography workshops nationwide 

Private icon classes at our studio in Scranton, PA 


  St. Andrei Iconography Studio introduces students to the practice and theory of the ancient Christian art of icon writing in the Byzantine-Russian tradition. Special approach of our studio is in adding elements of liturgical music and poetry, corresponding to the image. This combination leads a student to a truly unique experience of the synergy of sacred arts. Apprenticeship in the mystical discipline of the hand, mind, and heart is intended to lead beyond technical competence; the method of study promotes the incarnation of the principles of the painting experience into all aspects of one's life. The principal goal of study is to open the inner world of the student, to awaken his or her personal, heavenly 'image and likeness' to mystical experience through the discipline of symbolic, sacred art. 
St. Andrei Iconography  Studio welcomes inquiring students from all backgrounds. 


 ​       THE LIVING MIRROR          .      
 We are like a blossoming flower
 With wonderful petals of light,
 Its splendor for one to discover
 Who’s looking past visible sight -

 To find understanding profound,
 And joy that unshaken abides,
 To lead inspiration unbound
 Where innermost music resides,

 Then shimmering core is reflecting
 Through eyes as in mirror divine -
 Beyond comprehension connecting
 That separate journey with mine!